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Mayo GAA Championship Rules and Regulations 2017 2017-03-27 14:01:00

Mayo G.A.A Championship Rules and Regulations for 2017

GAA "Give Respect - Get Respect" initiative...

 Mayo Central Competition Controls Committee (CCC) is mindful of the GAA Give Respect Get Respect campaign and has drawn up 2017 regulations for all Championship Games for the benefit of all stakeholders-players referees, team management, officials, media, members and spectators.

All Stakeholders are expected to adhere to the GAA Respect initiative, "Give Respect - Get Respect".This programme seeks to ensure that Gaelic Games are promoted and played in a positive, fair and enjoyable manner where players, coaches, spectators and referees, "Give Respect - Get Respect" from each other.

Referees:  To be welcomed to the GAA Club.

Before the Game:  Players to shake hands with their opposing player

Players:  Play by the rules and take responsibility for their own behaviour whilst respecting opposition, Referees and officials

Referees:  communicate decisions to players in an effective manner

After the Game:  Players to shake hands with the referee, opposing players and coaches

Supporters:  Remain in designated areas at the side of the pitch/in the stand for the full duration of each game.  Always respect the match officials' officials and encourage children to do likewise.

Ground/Pitch Regulations

Ground regulations shall apply to all venues considered suitable for all Mayo Club Championship Games 2017. They shall include procedures for entry to each ground, designated areas for substitutes and Team Officials and shall be communicated to Teams along with the official Clar an Lae.

The Clar an Lae shall also notify teams in advance of each game as to pre-match & half time protocols, the assignation of dressing rooms, bib colours to be worn, etc.

All team Officials and substitutes must sit in the designated areas identified & must leave the field of play 3 minutes prior to the throw-in to go to the appropriate designated areas.

There shall be two designated areas for team personnel and officials:

Bainisteoir’s zone in which seats for the Bainisteoir, Maor Foirne and a Medic should be provided. A seated area for substitutes and all other permitted teams officials.

Exception: Where this designated area for substitutes & Team Officials is considerably removed from the sideline area and provides a practical difficulty for Team Managers in terms of consultation with backroom personnel (i.e. selectors or medics only), seats in an appropriate area recessed from the pitch enclosure (e.g. in the front row of the stand/viewing area or in a dug out) may be provided for a maximum of 4 additional personnel who must remain seated in this area at all times.


Seating for medics must ensure uninhibited access to the playing area at all times.  Medics may sit together in the designated area for substitutes or one medic may be positioned in the Bainsteoir’s zone.

Where facilities in particular grounds do not permit for the specific arrangements outlined above, alternative arrangements may be made in advance with the approval of the Committee-in-Charge and communicated to the relevant units.

Teams shall be provided to the Committee-in-Charge for the official programme, and to the media, four days before the game i.e. no later than Wednesday 2pm prior to a weekend game.

Players shall be numbered in accordance with the Official Programme and from 1 to not more than 30 in Inter-Club games.

In the case of a valid withdrawal the jersey number of the player being replaced shall be used by the replacing player.  Such withdrawal shall be notified in advance of the commencement of the game to the Committee-in-Charge/Match Monitor at least 15 minutes prior to throw in.  The inclusion of A.N. Other is not permitted.

Game Regulations

The Referee is in overall charge of Game Regulations and shall delegate authority to his Linesmen & Sideline Official: he shall include the Sideline Official/Match Monitor’s report (s) with his match report as appropriate.  The Referee has the authority during the game to send any person in repeated breach of these Regulations to the stand/outside the pitch enclosure and such person cannot be replaced.


All Team Officials sitting in the designated areas must be named on the Official list given to the Referee and should include: Bainisteoir, Maor Foirne, Selectors, Medics, Water/Hurley Carriers, Cathaoirleach, Runai& any other relevant backroom personnel.

Cathaoirleach- Games and Ground regulations apply to all players and officials and adherence to the regulations is the responsibility of the Chairperson of the Club...  In his absence his responsibilities will pass to the Runai/Nominated Person.  The Bainisteoir also shares the responsibility of ensuring the Games Regulations are respected by players and members of team management.

Runai – The Runai or Nominated person shall relay details of substitutions to the Sideline Official.

Responsibilities if host Club /appointed grounds for Championship games 

  • 1. A Programme must be provided by the host club, free of charge, and must contain free advertisement for Mayo GAA championship Official Sponsor... (Penalty - Fine of €100)
  1. It will be the responsibility of the host club to provide an adequate number of stewards for the game – Maximum of 10 and nominate Chairperson of host Club named in Programme.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. There must be no games or other activities on the grounds prior to a championship match without the approval of the County Competitions Control Committee.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. Adequate car parking must be available.

           (Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. A Public address system is to be provided.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. Changing rooms must be clean and tidy and a room must be available for referees and linesmen.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. A room must be provided for gatemen to count money and tea/coffee/sandwiches must be provided for officials/gatemen.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. The Pitch must be properly marked.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. A Scoreboard must be in operation.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. There must be proper and adequate fencing around playing area.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. Maximum number allowed from each team to enter playing area is 35. This number is inclusive of players, officials, medical and team management.

(Penalty - Fine of €250)

  1. Teams must wear their registered club colours. In the event of a clash of colours both teams must change unless otherwise agreed. In the event of the alternative colours being similar, the County Competitions Control Committee will toss to decide who is to wear the alternative strip. (Penalty - Fine of €250)
  2. Players must have uniformity of socks and togs.

(Penalty - Fine of €250)

  1. No unauthorised incursions into pitch will be allowed.

(Penalty – offenders will be dealt with under the relevant rules of the rules of the Treoraí Oifigiúil)

  1. Clubs must seek permission from the County Competitions Control Committee to video matches and must provide an unedited copy of the game when requested.

(Penalty - Fine of €250)

  1. In the event of a pitch being unplayable in the days leading up to a championship game, the home club must notify the county games administration committee and nominate an alternative venue, which would be available to host the game.

(Penalty – possible loss of any future home championship games)

  1. The County Competitions Control Committee reserves the right to move any game to an alternative venue.
  2. Each team will have a home and away fixture in round 1 and round 2. The 3rd round venue will be fixed by the CCC. The CCC also reserves the right to toss between both teams for a venue if the committee deems it in the best interest of a particular fixture.
  1. The monitoring committee shall monitor all breaches of the regulations, and in the event of a number of breaches of the regulations, the host club may lose their right to host games in the future.
  1. The following regulations shall apply to the league section of the championships:

(a) League results shall be credited as follows: 2 points for a win, and one for a draw.

(b) If a club is disqualified or retires during the course of the league stage, its played games shall stand and its un played games shall be awarded to the opposing teams.

(c) Where teams finish with equal points for qualification for the concluding stages, or for promotion or relegation, the tie shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified:

1. The outcome of the meeting of the teams in the previous game in the competition.

2. Scoring difference - subtracting the total scores against from total scores for.

3. Highest total score for.

4. Scoring average - divide total score against into total score for.

(d) Exception: If the accumulated scores of a team, so involved, are affected by a disqualification, loss of game on a proven objection, retirement or walk over, the tie shall be decided by a play off.

  • 21. Junior C Championship shall be a 15 a side competition

Gum Shields

It is compulsory that gum shields are worn during warm up activity, training and all games in the interest of player safety and for insurance cover,

Without a gum shield a player is not protected against serious injury nor can corrective medical treatment be applied for through the player injury scheme

*Updated 2nd March 2017 by Mayo GAA CCC.

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