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Islandeady v The Neale 2017-05-29 14:16:00

Good team display

Islandeady’s first adult team produced a fine display of teamwork and skill to win comprehensively in their Mayo Senior League Group 1B match against The Neale. Every member of the team played a strong part in this performance. Darragh Joyce did what he does best - scored two goals and four points, while Liam Joyce scored one goal and four points. Jonathan Concannon scored 1-1 while Danny McGowan’s tally was 0-4. Cormac Gordon and Brendan Gibbons notched up 0-2 each, with Dylan Gallagher, Peter Collins and Paul Moylette putting a point each on the scoreboard. Scorers for The Neale were Thomas Conroy (1-1), Padraig Walsh (1-1), Stephen Conroy (0-4) and Rob Holian (0-2). The final score was Islandeady 4-20, The Neale 2-8. 

Player Profile

Peter Collins