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Egan Jewellers Intermediate Championship 2018-04-10 11:12:00

Egan Jewellers Intermediate Championship

Islandeady took on Swinford on Saturday last on a bright, dry afternoon in the first round of the championship. A fast-moving game full of the excitement and tension of the championship ended on a knife-edge. Unfortunately for Islandeady, it was Swinford who were celebrating at the final whistle. Only a single point separated the teams, but it was enough. In the first six minutes, Islandeady showed class and composure to race into a five point lead with points by Darragh Joyce and Brendan Gibbons, as well as a slick three-man movement which ended in a goal palmed in by Darragh Joyce. However, Swinford got their  second wind and produced a goal and five points without reply. Islandeady were out of luck on several occasions as the ball struck the uprights and the crossbar and although Swinford recorded only two scores in the second half, a goal and a point, that was enough to secure victory. Islandeady scored seven points in the same timeframe, but their luck was out. Scorers for Islandeady were Darragh Joyce 1-4, Brendan Gibbons 0-3, Jonathan Concannon 0-1, Danny McGowan 0-1, Liam Joyce 0-1 and Levi Barrett 0-1. The final score was Islandeady 1-11, Swinford 2-9. 


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Brendan Gibbons