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Vetting requirements 2018-05-09 13:29:00

Vetting requirements

Dear County Children's Officer,

You will be aware that Section 21 of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts places a legislative requirement on relevant organisations to conduct vetting in respect of employees (including volunteers) who were in their employment prior to the 29 April 2016, and who have not been previously subject of a vetting application by that organisation.

The Gaelic Games Associations, prior to the enactment of this legislation enshrined in rule a requirement that any person in our Associations working in a role of responsibility with or for children (and vulnerable persons) must be vetted, in addition to a number of other requirements.

Our Associations also agreed that once vetted an applicant must be revetted within a five year period.

While an order from the Minister for Justice & Equality, required that any person who previously worked for us prior to 29 April 2016 could seek to avail of a 'retrospective' directive but must in accordance with that directive be vetted by 30 April 2018, to comply with the Vetting Acts it should be noted that the Association’s requirements under Rule 1:13, i.e. must be vetted, still stands.

To be clear on this issue, as and from 1st May 2018, tomorrow, any person who on our behalf is working with children or vulnerable persons in a role of responsibility and has not been vetted shall be in breach of legislate requirements and also of GAA Rule 1:13.

No person should be permitted to continue or take up such roles.

So as to comply with the implementation of this legislation we reserve the right to communicate directly with any vetting applicant, who has not fulfilled our recruitment criteria, informing them that they may not seek to continue with or undertake the role relevant to their vetting application until such time as they receive a vetting acceptance letter from one of the Gaelic Games Associations.

I would appreciate if you could make the contents of this email known to your Clubs.

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