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Good win over Shrule/Glencorrib 2019-06-03 22:35:00

Good win over Shrule/Glencorrib

Islandeady’s Intermediate team took on visitors Shrule/Glencorrib in the Michael Walsh Intermediate League, and won the second of their two games in their group. In a fast-moving game, Eamon Shaughnessy’s men matched their opponents in terms of fitness and scoring; at half time both teams had 2-6. Brendan Gibbons played a captain’s part throughout, but especially in the second half when Islandeady had to keep up the pressure on Shrule/Glencorrib. He was relentless in driving the attack and scored 5 points in the second half, to add to his goal and 2 points in the first. Paul Ruane was speedy and determined, scoring a goal and a point, Liam Joyce scored a goal and 2 points, Niall Walsh  and Peter Collins added a point each, while David Gordon choreographed some fluid movements both in the back line and in attack. Shrule/Glencorrib were single-minded in their attempts to overcome Islandeady right up to the final whistle, but Islandeady carried the day on a scoreline of 3-13 to 2-12.


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Peter Gordon