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Islandeady v Louisburgh 2019-07-30 13:01:00

Tight match

Louisburgh’s adult team came to Islandeady to contest this Mayo League Division 2 match. The visitors dominated the first half, scoring  two goals, one from a penalty, as well as 5 points. This put them comfortably ahead of Islandeady, who managed just 6 points in the same time-frame. These were contributed by Seamie Lally, Ryan Feehan, Danny McGowan and Peter Collins. However, the Islandeady men started the second half with confidence. Points from Liam Joyce and Ryan Feehan were followed by a goal from Feehan. Another point from the Islandeady men closed the gap between the teams to just one point. Peter Gordon, Ryan Feehan and Liam Joyce added three more points for Islandeady to bring the final score to 1-12 to Islandeady, 2-9 to Louisburgh. The hard work of Islandeady’s defence meant that Louisburgh only managed to score 4 points in the second half. 


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Paul Moylette