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Intermediate Championship 2020-08-05 11:01:00

Intermediate Championship

          We didn’t think it would happen - but it did. We saw our team play in the first round of the championship. The pelting rain could not smother the good humour and general feeling of glee among the supporters as they took their positions to watch the match, carefully positioning themselves apart from each other in compliance with regulations designed to prevent the spread of the dangerous Covid-19 virus. 

           We were in Balla G.A.A. grounds, the home of the opposition. Although Islandeady set about their task with vigour, only 3 points were on the board at the first water break, compared to Balla’s 1-3. The water break is a 2020 addition to Gaelic football- no Maor Uisce runs on the field with a water bottle anymore, dispensing water to own players and opposition alike. Each player must only drink from his own bottle, which means that play has to stop once in each half to allow all the players to get their own water. The players gather into a team group for this, which is a little unsettling for the supporters, and must be so for players too. One is reminded of the “Time Out” feature of Basketball, which can work to disrupt the flow of play. 

             By half time, Islandeady trailed by just one point, but in the second half a goal by Balla’s Conor Walsh made things difficult for them. Despite good moves and a determined approach, things didn’t fall into place and Islandeady had to concede defeat. The final score was Islandeady 0-11, Balla 2-8. Scorers for Islandeady were Darragh Joyce 0-7, Seamie Lally 0-2, Brendan Gibbons 0-1, and Danny McGowan 0-1.


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