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ScÓr 2014-12-16 01:23:00

Scór is a G.A.A. competition that is intended to promote Ireland’s traditional pastimes and culture. It gives club members a chance to represent their club during the winter months when games have ceased. There are two age levels. Scór na nÓg is for young people under 17 years on January 1st 2015. Scór Sinsir is for adults over the age of 17 years on the same date. The competitions are as follows:

1. Figure / Céilí Dancing. (4-hand, 6-hand and 8-hand dances)

2. Solo Singing. (One song, unaccompanied except by self on one instrument)

3. Recitation / Storytelling. ( 1 competitor, one recitation, monologue, poem or story)

4.Traditional Irish instrumental music. (Two to five people. Scór na nÓg: 2 tunes of different character. Scór Sinsir: 1 tune plus a selection of 2 tunes similar in character but different to tune 1)

5. Historical Presentation. (Three to eight people. Depict an event from Irish history in less than 10 minutes.)

6. Ballad Group. (Three to five people. 2 contrasting ballads. No instruments or conductor.)

7. Set Dancing. ( Half set, 4 people. Full set, 8 people. 2 figures of a traditional country set dance.)

8. Table Quiz. (Four people. 10 Rounds: Gaelic and Ladies Football; Hurling and Camogie; General G.A.A.of the last 20 years; Irish History; World History and World Geography; Irish Current Affairs of the last year; World Current Affairs of the last year; Irish Culture; General Knowledge.)

Competitions 1 to 7 of Scór na nÓg will be held in Breaffy G.A.A. Clubhouse on January 3rd 2015 at 2pm.

The Scór na nÓg Table Quiz will be held in Breaffy G.A.A. Clubhouse on January 4th 2015 at 2pm.

Closing date for entries to Scór na nÓg competitions is Friday 19th December 2015.

Contact (087) 6621921 if you wish to enter.

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